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Mykonos Gem, built in the heart of famous Matogiannia with its cobbled alleys, is an ideal springboard for any daily activities in the “island of winds”: For lovers of picturesqueness and summer carefree in the colors of the Aegean or for nightlife in a constant spree of senses and experiences.

Nearby the riveting view from the Mills, the guards of Mykonos to admire the unique sunset of Little Venice or the unforgettable beaches with the clear blue and the warm caress of the sun! For endless shopping to unique stores, a Rhapsody of style and luxury, for visits to worldwide known art galleries or lifestyle events. At the peak of all desires, participating in absolute entertainment shows.

Welcome to your Mykonos Dream, the Sapphire of Aegean!



The definition of high style and elegance. Tradition, experience, luxury, glamour and gorgeous designs, extraordinary and unique timepieces or jewelry, compose a magnificent picture to those visiting the boutique in Mykonos, at 25 Kalogera street. Distinguished foreign designers and major watch manufacturers have trusted GOFAS Jewerly to present their masterpieces.
The Art of Fusion. Located at Matogianni 43 in Mykonos Town, Hublot took over Mykonos with its new boutique. The brand takes a new look at watchmaking by merging the innovation and tradition, the high-tech and expert craftsmanship and the machine precision and beauty of movement of its manufacture.
Set on Mitropoleos 9, the Dsquared2 store can be found in the center of Mykonos. With no introduction needed, this luxury boutique features unique collections with a philosophy that is an edgy mix of Canadian iconography, refined Italian tailoring and playful sensuality. The collections are a seamless melding of contrasts: sporty and glamorous, laidback and extravagant, masculine and feminine, creating a distinctive concept of alternative luxury.
Lift your anchors and set sail for the nearby islet of Rineia, accessible only via boat. The small quiet island is set right next to Delos and cosmopolitan Mykonos. According to Thucydides, when Polycrates –the tyrant of Samos– was dominating with his fleet in the Aegean, he occupied Rineia and he dedicated it to Apollo. Although today Rineia is a protected archaeological site, with about 42 km of coastline, you will have plenty of opportunities to explore its crystal-clear waters and sandy shores.
The small rocky and barren island of Delos with shores full of reefs, has been the most important religious center of the Greeks. In turn it was glorified, lauded, destroyed, rebuilt and destroyed once again; a rich history which lasted several hundreds of years. The ruins of Delos constitute the largest archaeological site in Europe and a UNESCO world heritage site, located just about two miles from Mykonos. The authenticity of the site has not been challenged. The only modern constructions on the island are the Museum, the refectory and a few small houses for the personnel, which were necessary for the functioning of the property as an archaeological site.
Yet another exciting way to see Paros, horse riding tours offer a host of magical memories of your stay on the island. Visitors can admire Mykonos’ beautiful scenery and paths, and even experience the extraordinary sensation of swimming in the sea on horseback!
Located on the northern side of the island, Fokos Beach is a secluded beach idyllic for sunbathing and simply relax by the sea. Surrounded by a wild landscape on a rocky bay it is one of the island’s hidden beaches, despite not being far from Mykonos Town. It feels quite remote and tranquil, truly the top destination for those looking for a peaceful beach and natural beauty.
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